Unlike established businesses, start-up’s business requirements are way beyond just making their presence felt. New age tech start-up’s entire essence is to acquire customers mainly through online channels. The traditional approach to branding may not be sufficient here. What the start-up should do is to understand all the customer touch points of their online business and strengthen each one of them to make the online sales funnel tight. Their only sales funnel is in the online medium.

The website or any other customer touch point is a valuable asset towards revenue generation. Each touch point has to act as a sales tool. Traditional branding philosophies cannot create sales for you. This process is much beyond look and feel. Each touch point should kindle the customer purchase behavior in the subconscious realm to create sale of the required product/idea in the whole process. When we say sale, it doesn’t mean it is applicable only to an e-commerce business, but it is for every start-up business entity that is trying to thrive in this competitive business world.

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