Unveiling BITA

Business Innovations To Achievements – BITA

ALC – GOA’s flagship brand BITA is an acronym for “Business Innovations To Achievements”. This service bouquet is combination of all related activities in business growth. Following are the list of some activities from ALC – GOA that typically help the businesses to grow:

  1. Formal Business Plan Preparation
  2. Business Projections based on Market Testing
  3. Business Funding Assistance
  4. Venture Capital Pitching Document
  5. Technology Solutions like Website, Desktop/Mobile Apps etc
  6. Business Operations Consulting
  7. ISO certification and Total Quality Management(TQM)
  8. ERP or Software Implementation and Change Management
  9. Outsourcing Services
  10. Marketing Consulting
  11. Digital Marketing Services
What kind of benefits associated with our services?
  • Through experience, we have identified that our services are best suited for all open minded business people as well as business aspirants. For  example, few traders have moved to sell their products online considering the future way of doing business.
  • Businesses who are eager to compete in the ever changing business environment. For example, there are businesses who want to be digitally present everywhere because the competition is already online. So, they want to be in Google Maps, Local Business Groups, SEO and social media activities.
  • Businesses who are keen on customer delight. For example, there are retail brands who want customer satisfaction, they also deliver products at customer’s door steps. They create web applications as well as mobile applications to receive orders and use specialized logistics systems for efficient product distribution.

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