ALC – GOA’s business work areas

We at ALC serve SMEs in 3 verticals.

Technology | Incubation | Outsourcing

We provide IT based solutions that increases the revenue, profitability and business control. We provide customized and direct commercial software, develop desktop and web applications that is not only your identity but it acts as a revenue generator by themselves. For example, we are currently working on a food delivery business, where we are creating a web application that reflects the business ideology through its theme, selection of images and innovative sections that help our customer to upscale the business operations in multiple related business opportunities in future and project it’s value proposition in a professional way. We are also creating mobile application with the same principles along with marketing strategy to unite the beneficiaries in a forum where our customer will reap business visibility and brand equity and customer loyalty that ensures repeat orders and references. We also have a technology solution to all the educational institutions’ operational challenges. Whether it is a school or college, there are lot of administrative inefficiencies that can be eliminated through integrated solution that covers desktop, mobile applications, transportation, digital class rooms, accounting and administrative controls. We can also implement complex technology solutions like SAP to deliver organizational outcomes through customization and  training manpower to use the application with defined processes for each. This includes using of recent change management principles adobted by the current market professionals.

We facilitate the start-ups to have a smooth business building journey through start up training along with a dedicated multipurpose cubicle, detailed business plan preparation, funding assistance by preparation of business projections through market testing and training for pitching to venture capitalists.

We can takeover non core business processes where the company doesn’t have competitive advantage in getting the desired metrics. Many businesses are struggling in achieving sales and marketing goals. We can takeover the entire marketing department and run the show. We can start from drafting marketing strategy, staffing, online marketing and brick and mortar marketing campaigns which has defined outcomes and guarantee. For example, we have taken over the marketing department of a construction company where we are committing quantified leads per month. The customer is happy that his marketing goals are taken care by ALC. ALC is charging for the quantified guaranteed outcomes.

We commit our customers superior services, complete attention and guaranteed solution to the business challenge. Please visit our website frequently to know the recent updates from us. Please also subscribe to our YouTube channel to follow our videos on various management and technology topics.

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